I am versatile, flexible and passionate. I can help you achieve your vision, whether you are shooting a feature, TV documentary, music video or commercial. I enjoy shooting a variety of subjects. I may be shooting beauty products on film one day and flying to location the next to shoot a crime drama on HD.

Versatile: I am meticulous getting the perfect reflection on that perfume bottle, or I can be Mr. Run ín Gun capturing the moment as it unfolds. Itís nice to be able to play God in the studio, then change it up and shoot a documentary.

Flexible: You can preplan as much as possible but those plans often get changed once you go into production. I keep in mind our original plans and do whatever is required to acomplish them. Itís the little journey that happens on every shoot.

Passionate: I love my job and canít see myself doing anything else. Iím very fortunate to get paid to do what I love.




+1 (718) 440-1013